Return Migration

Migration Exhibition on the Pedestrian Bridge

Migration Exhibition on the Pedestrian Bridge

The plane landed at midnight. My Fulbright stands now a fait accompli, those final days of the semester, filled to the brim. One of the last stops included a stroll across the river. Colleagues in Salzburg, with a little help from the City Archive and Integration Bureau, designed a wonderful exhibit about coming, going, and staying—a history of migration to and from the region. It decked one of the pedestrian bridges across the Salzach, telling the stories of those who left as well as those who came, linking the past and the present, domestic servants and archbishops. Tourists could pause, school classes could read, and locals could contemplate as they passed pictures of traders in Venice, Protestants exiles, and guest workers. One of the panels noted the thousands of students and professors who came during the 17th and 18th centuries to the University of Salzburg, and the 112 countries now represented among those who attend. I now join that history. The exhibition came down about the same time I left town to travel with my family, exploring surrounding lands, and then to return to my home in Florida.

One thought on “Return Migration

  1. Janet Worrall says:

    Dear Suzy,
    Thank you so much for the insightful blog over the last several months. Your photos were wonderful and showed the dramatic change in seasons. Looks like a lovely summer as you left. What historical gems you gave us along the way. Glad to hear you are safely back home.


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